Ken Delfino
Colfax California Councilman & Mayor, Former
U.S. Navy disabled Viet Nam veteran. United Airlines retiree (32 years). Small trophy business owner. Appointed to city council of Colfax, CA in 2008 and then elected. Served as mayor from 2010-2011. Re-elected in 2013. Helped start a youth football team in 2004 and is a 34-year active member of Kiwanis.
"After seeing how the 'CA government sausages are made' during my term on council, we decided we had to leave California. We looked at ID, NV, WY and finally SD. After researching how every county voted in the previous two elections, we chose Pennington County as our home. We did not want to move to a state with similar political views as the one we were escaping from. The absolute beauty of the Black Hills drew us up to Keystone and after visiting Mt. Rushmore, we found a home only a couple of miles from our "National Shrine of Democracy". After comparing the politics of CA to what I read about SD, there was no doubt we were moving! Among the many wonderful people we have met is Ryan Mechaley. While in CA, we were volunteers with our local sheriffs' office and now we have an opportunity to support a Constitutional Sheriff whose views on law enforcement mirrors ours. Ryan knows that it will be his absolute duty to protect his constituents from intrusive federal overreach and has stated he will do so. Please join my wife and me in supporting Ryan for Pennington County Sheriff. "



Ryan is the people’s choice, so you don’t have to be an elected official or famous to endorse him. We’re looking for the people Ryan is committed to serving to tell us why you’re supporting him today.